Markdown webdocs

Simple Markdown site template

Markdown webdocs is the technology of building a web site from web components by writing special markup Component Markdown Language. It was initially designed for writing documentation and help system, now allows you to create sites with complex layout.

Written so the site can be compiled into a fully compliant HTML or published without compilation. For example, the home page of this site is compiled in HTML, other pages is client-translated CML form.

To edit pages on the site has built-in editor. You can organize online editing or modifying local files and then publish the changes. Local edits using the integrated editor is easier to make with node-webkit. When using VCS is very easy to control your changes as human-readable diffs.

This template was created using the original bundle of the libraries jquery.js, bootstrap and controls.js

Easy content editing and management structure of the site, great download speed and the ability to host it anywhere, powerful JavaScript environment allows you to create a dynamic documents and sites without restrictions.

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The best solution for writing documentation.

Get started

Download and edit page template.html


Required files:


Edit site

New pages are added by copying the file "page template.html".
Section of the document, such as a navigation bar, body text, header or footer, placed on the panels that having a predetermined behavior. To create a panel insert the brackets <--nameofpanel ... --> in the body of the html page. If the name of the panel from a predefined list, this panel has a behavior. For example a panel named fixed-top-panel is always visible when the document scrolls. If you create a panel with a unique name, the behavior you can assign using css.

In the panels you can add marked text, components to display graphical elements or components for appearance or behavior of the site.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <script src="document.min.js" userjs="user.js" icon="favicon.ico" id="DOC" onerror="var l=document.createElement('link'),s=document.createElement('script');l.rel='stylesheet';l.href='';'bootstrap.css';'1';document.head.insertBefore(l,document.getElementById('DOC'));s.src='';document.head.appendChild(s);"></script>

* [Home](index.html)
* [Page1](page1.html)
* [Page2](page1.html)

# Insert header here
site description

# content text
## content text
### content text
#### content text

footer here

<noscript><div class="alert alert-warning">This Website requires your browser to be JavaScript enabled.</div></noscript>

Customize site

You can customize the appearance of the site by applying to the page any twitter bootstrap compatible theme. In the menu Mods you can see examples of themes, these themes are taken from the site Examples of components are available in the menu Components.